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Functional properties of piezoelectric thin films


Functional properties of piezoelectric thin films
Contact: Dr. Philip Lucke-Pueschel (p.lucke@utwente.nl) 

Piezoelectric ceramics and thin films are commonly used in todays technology as actuators, sensors, MEMS or in energy storage systems.

One of the challenges is the hysteresis of the material which manifests as actuation inaccuracy or energy loss. Therefore, an accurate description and identification of the origin are of interest. On this matter we have developed a new model that can explain and describe hysteresis for epitaxial monoclinic films.[1] In addition, we have shown that this model can be extended to the usage of an applied bias field.[2]

The goal is to measure functional properties of piezoelectric thin films with different microstructures. It is also of interest to measure and analyze the functional properties of the film with an applied bias field, and comparing the results to the previously developed model. 

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