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20 Oct 2016 - Sebastiaan Huber defends thesis on x-ray based borides analysis Borides, i.e. boron-based compounds, have a multitude of valuable properties such as chemical inertness, radiation hardness, high thermal conductivity and self-healing properties, making them interesting candidates for a variety of applications, such as beta-voltaic cells and radiation protective coatings. 22 Jul 2016 - Samenwerking PANalytical – Universiteit Twente Samenwerking tussen universiteiten en bedrijven is niet nieuw. Dat geldt zeker in de branche Laboratorium Technologie. De Industrial Focus Group EUV Optics was wel nieuw en uniek toen FOM hoogleraar Fred Bijkerk die van de grond trok in 2012, samen met ASML, ZEISS, Solmates, PANalytical en DEMCON.

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28 Apr 2016 - Dmitry Astakhov defends thesis on EUV plasmas in hydrogen Under the guidance of Prof. Wim Goedheer and Dr Dimitry Lopaev (Moscow State University), Dmitry Astakhov developed a powerful numerical model for EUV-induced plasmas. 10 Dec 2015 - NanoNext Board grants valorisation of unique Extreme UV source optimizer

9 Dec 2015 - First X-ray Metrology workshop at the University of Twente Materials analysis using X-ray inspection is rapidly developing. It provides either high spatial resolution, down to atomic dimensions, or high elemental sensitivity, down to ppb detection. Nanotechnology is more and more exploiting these unique analytical features. 5 Nov 2015 - Phd Slava Medvedev (XUV Optics) received his doctorate degree 'cum laude' What determines the lifetime of a mirror when exposed to a very bright light source? 14 Jul 2015 - MUHARREM BAYRAKTAR "IN NEW MIRROR DESIGNS WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE PHYSICAL LIMITS OF MATERIALS" 19 Jun 2015 - New edition MESA+ Magazine With pleasure we present you the newest MESA+ Magazine.This issue is all about collaboration, which is inherent to activities at the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology.