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27 Jun 2017 - First PDEng in Applied Physics: the world at your feet On 27 June, a novelty took place in the XUV Optics research group: for the first time a PDEng title was granted to a candidate in the Applied Physics department of the University of Twente. Alexander Antonov, having a Master degree from Kharkov National University, obtained his degree as PDEng Design Process Technology, being the first of his kind in the group and the faculty. 1 Mar 2017 - PhD Defence Roger Coloma Ribera Roger Coloma Ribera former PhD student in the Industrial Focus group XUV Optics, one of the MESA+ research groups defended his thesis on March 1st 2017. His promotor was Prof. dr. Fred Bijkerk. 28 Nov 2016 - Dr. Bayraktar awarded by STW for research on smart adaptive mirrors Dr. Muharrem Bayraktar has been granted a third place in the Simon Stevin Fellow contest by the visitors of the STW Annual Congress on 24 November 2016. He was awarded by STW for his PhD research on smart adaptive mirrors. 14 Nov 2016 - Physics of X-Ray and Neutron Multilayer Structures The XUV Optics group has organized on November 10th and 11th 2016 a very successful workshop on X-ray and neutron multilayer optics, in short PXRNMS, at MESA+. 9 Nov 2016 - Slava Medvedev wins the FOM Valorisation Section Prize Dr Slava Medvedev, former PhD student of the XUV Optics Group, won the FOM prize 2016 for the best thesis chapter on valorisation of research results. 20 Oct 2016 - Sebastiaan Huber defends thesis on x-ray based borides analysis Borides, i.e. boron-based compounds, have a multitude of valuable properties such as chemical inertness, radiation hardness, high thermal conductivity and self-healing properties, making them interesting candidates for a variety of applications, such as beta-voltaic cells and radiation protective coatings. 7 Oct 2016 - X-ray Metrology Workshop (XRM) On October 5th and 6th, 2016, the 2nd edition of the X-ray metrology workshop, in short XRM,  was held on the campus of University of Twente. 22 Jul 2016 - Samenwerking PANalytical – Universiteit Twente Samenwerking tussen universiteiten en bedrijven is niet nieuw. Dat geldt zeker in de branche Laboratorium Technologie. De Industrial Focus Group EUV Optics was wel nieuw en uniek toen FOM hoogleraar Fred Bijkerk die van de grond trok in 2012, samen met ASML, ZEISS, Solmates, PANalytical en DEMCON.

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