Study tour XUV 2024

Last week our XUV group, which is part of MESA+ institute of the University of Twente went on a study tour to Grenoble, visiting ESRF (The European Synchrotron Research Facility), ILL ( Institut Max von Laue - Paul Langevin ) and Soitec.

What a great week it was!

Having the opportunity to come to ESRF and ILL was a great learning experience; it made a big impression on all of us. During the trip, the group dove into two neighboring worlds of material characterization with X-rays and Neutrons. Such visits to the big science facilities always expand our knowledge and horizon for new ideas and experiments to follow up!

We visited the beamlines ID01, ID31, ID10, guide hall including neutron reflectometer SuperAdam, 3He station, optics lab at ESRF and received some interesting presentations.

We would like to thank Yannick Lacaze, Steven Leake, Marta Mirolo, Raymond Barrett and Oleg Konovalov for hosting us at ESRF.

For hosting us at ILL we greatly acknowledge Emily Ryan, Thierry Bigault, David Jullien, Anton Devishvili and  Arnold Paecklar.

Thank you for your time, dedication and for the enthusiasm you invested and expressed.

At Soitec we were welcomed by Luciana Capello (group leader piezo-on-insulator) and Christophe Figuet (R&D Manager).  A short stop there allowed our piezo team to get to know this company specialized in manufacturing of innovative semiconductor materials.

Thank you for the fruitful discussions and looking forward to collaborate in the future!

On our last day we visited the Grenoble Bastille, a wonderful view from the top was enjoyed by all of us.


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