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MESA+ NanoLab

MESA+ Nanolab

The MESA+ NanoLab facilities play a crucial role in the MESA+ research programmes and in the commercialization strategy.


The MESA+ research programs are directly related to the national research program NanoNextNL. In NanoNextNL the importance of a national facility has been acknowledged, and a major part of the effort and the accompanying budget is dedicated to NanoLabNL. NanoLabNL has the aim to build up, maintain and provide a coherent and accessible high-level, state-of-the-art infra-structure for nanotechnological research and innovation in the Netherlands. NanoLabNL is about national cohesion in infrastructure, access, and tariff structure. MESA+ is proud to be part of the national consortium NanoLabNL. 


MESA+ NanoLab plays a central part in collaborations with industry. MESA+ has a strong relationship with industry, both through joint research projects with the larger multinational companies, and through a cooperation policy focused on small and medium- sized enterprises.


MESA+ has a 1250 m2 state-of-the-art NanoLab which consists of three closely intertwined units: the cleanroom, analysis facilities and the BioNanoLab. Research on the nanometre scale needs a laboratory with extreme specifications, and the NanoLab is constructed to meet such high standards.  Any influencing effects from the environment, such as vibration and electromagnetic disturbances, are virtually non-existent. The environmental conditions inside the building, such as temperature, humidity and the influence of light are extremely stable. 

High Tech Factory

For the production of larger series, companies involved in nano- and micro-technology can contact the High Tech Factory which is also located on the university campus.