The MESA+ NanoLab cleanroom is the central laboratory for activities in the fields of micro- and nanofabrication

The cleanroom facility is utilized for academic research, by (spin-off) companies as well as for education. This open-access infrastructure is accessible for academic researchers and company-affiliated persons after following the Cleanroom Training Program.

Academic research

A variety of research chairs affiliated with UT-faculties EEMCS and S&T use the NanoLab for performing (part of) their research. An overview of the diversity in application areas can be found here, and an overview of research areas, including participating chairs and PIs, can be found here. Researchers affiliated with other (Dutch) universities can also use the MESA+ NanoLab facilities.

R&D and pilot production by (spin-off) companies

A series of (spin-off) companies are carrying out their R&D activities and/or pilot production in the MESA+ NanoLab cleanroom. An overview of UT spin-off companies can be found here, and information regarding opportunities for innovation and collaboration here.


The cleanroom has five process platforms – Electronics, 3D nanoshaping, Photonics, MEMS/NEMS and Fluidics – for research and pilot production. The cleanroom staff ensures that equipment used in these platforms is functioning, and provides the training of new users as well as specialized equipment courses. On request, the staff assists in design and process document development (incl. the process flow to be used in the cleanroom), offers expertise and advice on design/fabrication technologies and can assist researchers and companies to identify critical processing issues.