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Bosnian Memories

In this project,100 citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) from various social layers and regions have been interviewed with a video camera about their personal experiences during the Second World War and the recent war between 1991 and 1995. The recordings are made available to the public through an online interview platform that is freely accessible and can be searched with a broad variety of keywords. Subtitles in the local language and in English are available. ... read more

video interview croatian woman, she has her hand on her hea

Croatian Memories

The aim of the project Unveiling personal memories on war and detention is to affirm personal memories of all interested witnesses of political events in Croatia and to preserve them from falling into oblivion. We have recorded more than 400 video interviews. A large part of the video materials has been transcribed, translated and made available in the video archives of this web site, while a part of the interviews is available only for research in Documenta. ... read more

Buchenwald demonstrator

The Buchenwald demonstrator supports access to and search interviews with Buchenwald survivors. The demonstrator linked to a website set up in collaboration with NIOD. ... read more

Radio Oranje demonstrator

Met behulp van deze demonstrator kunt u zoeken in de toespraken van H.M. Koningin Wilhelmina die tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog door Radio Oranje zijn uitgezonden. ... read more