Entertainment Computing and Body Centric Interaction

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Social Mirror

The social mirror visualizes the process of a meeting. Meeting participants can see their own social behavior and that of others in a visual representation. The provided insight in one’s social behaviour by the Social Mirror might lead to changes in the behaviour that result in higher performance and satisfaction. ... read more

Anemone - Emergent Entertainment

Going out is supposed to be a social experience, but how often do you find yourself standing at the bar, waiting for drinks, surrounded by people that keep their hopeful gaze fixed solely on the bartender? Anemone brings the bar's surface to life, providing entertainment to everyone around it and serving as an ice breaker. Anyone can join in on the interaction, leading to a shared experience. ... read more

Human Music Interaction

The Human Music Interaction activities focus on the Virtual Conductor. The virtual conductor can conduct human musicians in a live performance interactively. Using knowledge of the musical piece (tempo, volume, the different voices, etc...) the musicians are led through the piece and corrected when certain types of mistakes occur. The project serves as a novel interaction context in which new aspects of Human-Virtual Human interaction can be investigated. ... read more

Trackside DEIRA

DEIRA is an agent framework that has been employed as the basis for embodied conversational agents in the deomains of horse racing commentary, robosoccer commentary and virtual storytelling.
The original challenge for which DEIRA was developed was the GALA competition at IVA2007, for which an agent that reported on a virtual horse race in real time needed to be created. Based on information provided by horse race enthusiasts, a modular system was designed to meet the information needs and to try to match their expectations for such a reporter. ... read more