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Vanessa Evers on Radio 5

Vanessa talked about the role of robots in the near future and what this would mean for human employment. ... read more

Daniël Davison at kids show Willem Wever

Daniël Davison was featured on national television on the kids show Willem Wever. ... read more

Merijn Bruijnes Winner COMMIT/ Media Award

Last year's COMMIT/ media award goes to Merijn Bruijnes, for his capability of generating media attention and overall enthusiasm ... read more


Media attention for Interactive Tag Playground at Tetem

The interactive tag playground (ITP) also known as Tag aka Tikkertje 2.0 is currently running and can be played with for free at TETEM kunstruimte untill the 26th of April. It got the attention from Radio 1 and RTV-oost. ... read more