Elections 2024

Election results University Council 

The staff elections for the University Council concluded with a commendable turnout, reflecting the community's support for participation. In this year's staff elections, 1,625 out of 4,162 eligible voters cast their votes, resulting in a turnout of 42.10 %. View the employee elections result at this link

Election Highlights

Campus Coalition list presented 11 candidates vying for the nine available seats. The results showcased a strong support for various candidates from different units of the university.

Elected staff

Student elections

In the student elections, where 9 seats were contested, the turnout was 25.82%. A total of 2818 votes were cast, with the parties DAS and UReka vying for seats. The final seat went to the party UReka. The voter turnout percentage has also increased compared to last year. The full elections result is available via this link.

Elected students

Lijst  1 DAS                                    1068 stemmen, 3 zetels                                       

Lijst  2 UReka                                  1750 stemmen, 6 zetels  (incl. restzetel) 

Looking Ahead

The newly elected council members, with their diverse backgrounds and collective expertise, are set to begin their term on 1 September 2024. Currently, Campus CoalitionDAS and UReka are represented in the University Council. For the full results of the decentral election please visit the website.

Each candidate who stood for election is thanked for their dedication and effort in the 2024 elections.