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University Council

The University of Twente has a University Council. This 'U-council' (UR) consists of 18 members: 9 elected from and by the students each year, and 9 from and by the staff every other year. The UC members together represent the academic community. They constitute the highest democratically elected body within the governance of the UT.

The University Council is in charge of various tasks, such as checking the policy-making of the Board of the University (CvB), the renovation of the University buildings, general teaching and exam regulations, and the annual University budget. The UCC has the right of consent and can therefore vote on specific documents or measures.

Currently, the following parties are represented in the UC: Campus CoalitionList Weppelman and the student parties, UReka and DAS

Student section:

Tim Achterkamp (UReka), Sabin Kerwien Lopez (UReka), Milan Gomes (UReka), Aarezo Sha (UReka), Jaime de Bruin (UReka), Fridtjof Otto (UReka), Robin van Zutphen (DAS), Maartje van Delden (DAS), Sander van den Berg (DAS).

Staff section:

Herbert Wormeester (CC), Hanneke Becht (CC), Cynthia Souren (CC), Pieter Boerman (CC), Emile Dopheide (CC), Wilma Dierkes (CC), Roberto Cruz Martinez (CC), Eline Marsman (CC), Jacqueline Weppelman - ter Meulen (List Weppelman).