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A Creative SafeSpace - Reinterpreting your CV using Zines

This workshop will serve as an entry into exploring different mediums of communicating information as well as understanding different facets of yourself. What should a CV have on it? How would you like people to perceive you? If you could create a one-page introduction to yourself with almost no rules about what needs to be on there, what would you do?

All you will need is some paper, some things to write with, and yourself! We will start with some warm-up exercises to help come up with ideas and then start making our own Zines! You can then use these zines as extended business cards, a way to make friends, or even something you can just leave on coffee tables at cafes as a way for other people to find out about you - a new way to network maybe? Come find out!

DISCLAIMER: You don't need any creative capabilities to join this workshop. As long as you know how to write and have an open mindset, you are good to go!

More information about zines in general, click here or here

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