UTUIFEuropean MeetupEuropean Meetup Impression

European Meetup Impression


UIF European Meetup 2021

The next UIF European Meetup in 2021 named Leaders of Innovation and Impact was a 5-day online student-driven experience of a lifetime! The meetup was organized together with the universities summer school, CuriousU. The summer school was filled with students from all around the world willing to learn about the entrepreneurial ecosystem and learn how to solve current problems. The students looked at 4 different scenarios which included Societal embedding of new technologies, evaluating the curriculum of primary schools, solving issues revolving around greenwashing and interconnecting universities. Out of all these topics came amazing projects which all showed great potential. Get even more excited with the after movies of the last two meetups, 2018 and 2019, below!


From August 11 to 20, 2019, the University of Twente Innovation Fellows hosted their regional meetup in the Netherlands. With 31 students from over 15 countries joining the program, the stage was set for an amazing nine days full of design thinking, leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship, as well as some truly EPIC team dynamics. The central spot of the meetup was the DesignLab, the futuristic student-driven maker space of the University of Twente. Developing leadership skills and an entrepreneurial mindset cannot be done overnight, but apparently, with the right circumstances. Next to the program for the students, several faculty champions joined the first-ever Champions Meetup, which was hosted at the same time as the meetup. 

An inspiring quote that reflects the meetup: “Leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible.” – Colin Powell


The summer of 2018 at UTwente was colored black and white! UIF UTwente took over the entrepreneurial Twente region in the Netherlands for the first-ever UIF European Meetup. During the 4-day meetup Fellows from all over the world joined us for design thinking workshops, company visits, inspiring speakers, and the festival vibes. From CEOs of the largest companies in the region, such as the former CEO of Booking.com and the CEO of NEDAP, to decision-makers in politics, such as the Major of Enschede Onno van Veldhuizen, to repelling down campus buildings, this meetup was fully packed with inspiration, innovation, and High Tech Human Touch!

Want to know more about the meetup? Check out the after movie and the video of the experience:

 UIF European Meetup Aftermovie

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