TOPSQUADNewsNanoPHAB - Silicon wafer nanopatterning for scalable quantum bits

NanoPHAB - Silicon wafer nanopatterning for scalable quantum bits

nanoPHAB, together with the research group of Prof. E. Bakkers at the Eindhoven University of Technology is working on the realization of nano-scale Germanium nanowires on a Silicon platform. The nano-devices will be used by other partners within the project consortium as the core components of ultra-low temperature topological insulator measurements for present and future quantum application.

Together with the high level of technological research, the TOPSQUAD program also aims to support the companies in the consortium towards a sustainable development and validation of their commercial offer in future potential market. It is the case for nanoPHAB that has the opportunity to expand its custom nano-fabrication services to reach an even larger portfolio of academic and industrial customers as well as for BASPI that can now start to commercialize their Low-Noise Ultra-Stable Electronics and Amplifiers within the TOPSQUAD consortium and worldwide.