Thesis assignments

Bachelor and Master course students: you’re invited to join us!
We invite skilled bachelor and master course students with a physics, chemistry, nanotechnology, or advanced technology background to perform experimental, computational or theoretical research with us. Depending on your background and interest we have various research projects available: e.g. – the full reconstruction of the layered film profile with atomic resolution by using X-ray reflectometry, or – the development of a new technique called Grazing Incidence Small Angle X-ray Scattering, or - the usage of optics to assess EUV light sources at our industrial partner labs. Our group provides a dynamic work place, open communication, and aims for highest quality research. We facilitate all professional and personal development.

Interested candidates are invited to contact Prof.dr. Marcelo Ackermann ( or you can contact the respective representative of the assignment.

A lab tour, before a possible application, can usually be arranged by contacting one of us.