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Best Poster Award for Muharrem Bayraktar in EUV Workshop

The activity of XUV Optics and IMS groups at the University of Twente on enabling adaptive optics at XUV wavelengths draws the attention of the scientific community. This activity aims at developing a new class of adaptive optical components based on piezoelectric thin films that are monolithically integrated into XUV multilayer mirrors. A milestone has been reached by the project team in September 2018 [link] by demonstrating a 15 pixel adaptive device. Each pixel in the device can be steered to generate complex surface profiles with high resolution, ready for further multilayer deposition to reflect XUV light.

This result was presented in the EUV Lithography Workshop that took place in June 10-13, 2019 in CXRO, LBL, Berkeley, USA (https://euvlitho.com/). A first place in the poster awards has been awarded to Muharrem Bayraktar for novelty of the work and clarity of explanation for his poster titled “Adaptive piezoelectric optics for XUV wavelengths”.

This activity has been carried out as part of a project in collaboration with industrial partner Carl Zeiss SMT and the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).