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S&T programs in top 3 NSE

We are pleased to announce that S&T programs have recently achieved excellent scores in the National Student Survey (NSE). This survey is an important instrument for assessing the quality of education at Dutch universities, and the results reflect the appreciation of our students.


Overall, TNW programs have achieved notably high scores in various categories. In fact, Applied Physics, Chemical Science & Engineering, and Advanced Technology dominate the top 3 of the best scoring UT programmes! This success can only be attributed to the dedication of our faculty and staff, in collaboration with the commitment and involvement of the students.

As faculty, we are pleased that student input allows us to continuously improve teaching and optimise the learning experience. We are determined to build upon this success and strive for education of exceptional quality. We continue to invest in innovative teaching methods, state-of-the-art facilities, and close collaboration with industry, ensuring that students have the best opportunities to develop their talents and be ready for future challenges.