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Frank Schuurmans appointed as professor at XUV

The Faculty of Science & Technology (S&T) at the University of Twente has appointed Frank Schuurmans as professor in the XUV department. Schuurmans, previously vice president of research at ASML, will use his expertise to build a bridge between academia and industry. This makes him the successor to Jos Benschop, who last year completed his ten-year assignment as 'NNV Professor of Industrial Physics'.

Schuurmans will supervise PhD students and conduct research focusing on the stability of thin films. Computer chips are currently made in EUV lithography systems. These systems contain mirrors that optimally reflect the Extreme UltraViolet Light (EUV) and ultra-thin membranes ('pellicles') that actually let the light through. Both components consist of a combination of thin layers.

However, those thin layers do not yet last long enough. In EUV lithography systems, they work in extreme conditions and damage too quickly. Therefore, Schuurmans will investigate how thin films react under different conditions in order to develop a thin film that can better withstand extreme conditions. Ultimately, then those mirrors and pellicles - and thus the EUV lithography systems - will last a lot longer.

Schuurmans is excited about his new role at XUV and is determined to share his knowledge and experience with students and researchers alike. He wants to make the connection between academic and industrial environments. "It is an honour to be part of the UT, there is a very collegial atmosphere here where students, teachers, researchers, and professors work together on an equal footing" said Frank Schuurmans.

Who is Frank Schuurmans

Prof Dr Frank Schuurmans has an impressive track record, including his role as head of research at ASML. In 1999, he obtained his PhD from the University of Amsterdam. During his career, Schuurmans has worked for several companies such as Philips and FEI before joining ASML, where he has worked for the past 12 years. In his last two years there, as vice president of research, he was responsible for all ASML's research.

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