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Frederik Wurm

Paper published in Nature Communications

Biodegradable polyphosphoester micelles act as both background-free 31P magnetic resonance imaging agents and drug nanocarriers

MRI agents can result in environmental pollution and organ accumulation. Here, the authors show that modifying the molecular structure of biodegradable polyphosphoesters and tailoring the polymers’ microstructure to adjust MRI-relaxation times can overcome challenges in 31P MRI imaging.

Nature communications July 2023
Koshkina, Olga; Rheinberger, Timo; Flocke, Vera; Windfelder, Anton; Bouvain, Pascal; Hamelmann, Naomi M.; Paulusse, Jos M. J.; Gojzewski, Hubert; Flögel, Ulrich; Wurm, Frederik R.