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Novel devices & applications

Most of the work in the Inorganic Materials Science is devoted towards application in novel devices. Our primary goal is to elucidate the effects of size, structure, and interface of atomically controlled nanostructures made from (sometimes artificially constructed) complex materials, with special attention to properties such as conductivity, spin polarization, ferroelectricity, and optical nonlinearity.

At the first sight, the exhibited phenomena look very diverse but, and this is the uniqueness of the materials that are under investigation in our research group, the elements that control these phenomena, such as carrier doping and strong correlation of the carriers, are universal in these materials. With the possibility to design and construct artificial materials on demand, for example in thins films using the high pressure RHEED controlled pulsed laser deposition systems developed by us, new opportunities become available for novel device concepts.

Several projects are currently carried out in this research area: