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Jos Paulusse received a ‘Pioneers in Healthcare’ grant.

Electro-mechanical resynchronisation therapy with a smart material for patients with heart failure

In order to support the failing heart, in 2017 we demonstrated a proof of principle by sending an electrical signal through a smart material to improve the hearts pump function. With this research we aim at a proof-of concept of electro-mechanical resynchronization therapy and bring this therapy closer to patientcare. We apply shape-memory alloys around a failing heart (model) and use experts from UT (materials science), MST (cardio-thoracic surgery), ZGT (cardiology, heart failure) and Saxion (ambient intelligence, smart materials). Shape-memory alloys are tested in different designs and in increasing complex heart models with a goal to improve contractility of the heart.

Dr. Salah A.M. Said (ZGT), Dr.ir. Jos Paulusse (UT), Prof.dr. Jan Grandjean (MSY), Drs. Frank Halfwerk (MST/UT), Dr.ir. Wouter Teeuw (Saxion), Ir. Ger Brinks (Saxion)