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Jos Paulusse in “Memories for life”

Wednesday June 29th the program “Herinneringen voor het leven” —“Memories for life”— was on Dutch TV at NPO1. Organized by the foundation Alzheimer Nederland, relatives of patients got the opportunity to speak up about the impact of dementia and the need to stop dementia.

Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease that ruins lives and is fast on its way to become the primary cause of death. In the past decades, diagnostics and symptom treatment have greatly improved, but a cure does not yet exist. There has been much less funding for research into Alzheimer’s than into cancer and vascular diseases. Therefore much remains to be done.

Jos Paulusse develops nanoparticles that can enter into the brain. He would like to strongly increase the sensitivity of imaging techniques so that the onset of dementia may be detected years or even decades earlier, because that is what makes treatment possible.

The program can be viewed here (in Dutch).

From 39:50, Jos Paulusse and other Dutch researchers speak about how their research can contribute to fighting Alzheimer’s.