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Academic output 

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Our first peer reviewed journal articles related to this project are currently in review.

Conference proceedings


Franco Hempenius, Dutch Earth Sciences Congress (NAC),  Sewer condition assessment using ground penetrating radar and multitemporal thermal infrared imagery (March 2020).  


The following thesis projects contribute to TISCALI. We provide a downloadable link below.

1- MSc Thesis, "Designing an Actuated Metamorphic Mechanism based on Polyhedral Structures", R.J. Koppelman, 2018

 2- MSc Thesis, "Acoustic Condition Assessment of Concrete Sewer Pipes using a Particle Velocity Sensor", A.A .Pleijsier, 2019

 3- BSc Thesis, "Analysis of sensors used for interaction-based condition assessment of concrete", C. Cernat, 2019

 4-  BSc Thesis, "Designing Arm for Placement of an Impact Hammer in Sewers", B. Wittenstrom, 2019

 5- MSc Thesis, "Localization of structural flaws in concrete sewer pipes by physical interaction inspection with a robotic arm", E.J. van Boven, 2019

 6- BSc Thesis, "Impactor design and development for in-pipe sewer inspection robot", J.H. Choo, 2019

 7- MSc Thesis, "Towards feature-based underground void detection with Ground Penetrating Radar from within sewers using Image Processing", M. van Delft, 2019

8- BSc Thesis, "Impactor Design for In-pipe Impact-echo Inspection Method: A Morphological Analysis", J. Stroet, 2020