TISCALI is a collaboration between three faculties of the University of Twente: Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Math and Informatics, and ITC (Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation). The project acrynum stands for Technological Innovation for Sewer Condition Assessment - Long-range Information system. The project is driven by two post doctoral (PhD) students, they explore and develop a multi-layered approach to sewer condition assessment. One part of this project is to study how remote technologies like thermal infrared and ground penetrating radar can help detect 'weak spots' and generate 'early warnings' for failure. The other part focuses on improvement of in-pipe technologies like rebound hammer. The ambition is to integrate the data generated from these two projects with existing asset management systems.

The project is part of a larger TISCA programme, funded by Stichting Rioned and the Dutch National Research Organizatio NWO.