This page contains many resources that you can use in your teaching, research to be inspired and activated by, and a number of external sources regarding various topics. Have fun learning!


Pronouns are the way you refer to yourself or someone else when talking about them. We suggest you introduce yourself with your name and pronouns, and ask others to do the same! If you don't know someone's pronouns yet, you should/can use 'they' as a gender-neutral address.

We respect people's pronouns, messing up is not a big problem, but keep trying and keep putting effort into correctly using someone's pronouns! If you are not sure of someone's pronouns, you can ask this in a respectful and safe way. Some examples:

Tim (he/him). “I saw Tim yesterday, he works at BMS”

Gia (she/her). “Gia enjoyed her cup of coffee”

Axel (they/them)

“Yesterday Axel went to the store, but they didn’t buy anything.”

“Axel looked at their phone”

“Axel passed the course, so it didn’t matter to them anymore”

Ann (she/they) -> ask what the person prefers.

Queer-inclusive teaching

We are working on this!

UT research

Research into experiences of LGBTQ+ employees

Starting 2019, Maarten Renkema conducted research into the experiences of LGBTQ+ employees at the UT, which also lead to a number of recommendations. The full research outcomes are in the process of publishing, you can however already download the summary and presentation below to get a sense of the main outcomes. Right now, Th!nk with Pride is in conversation with HR on how to translate these recommendations into actions.

Inclusion of LGBTQ+ employees at the UT (2022)

Shaping expert group inclusion

The Shaping Expert Group Inclusion was set up as one of 6 "Shaping Expert Groups", groups researching and giving advice on a specific theme to help achieve the goals set in the Shaping2030 strategy of the UT. After two years, their research is done. The group spoke to many staff members and students about all facets of inclusion, and a "sense of belonging" of different groups at the UT. The Executive Board and the DEI Office together will work on formal implementation of the report, but initiatives are already sprouting in all parts of the UT. 

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Other groups and associations

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Office UT

    A team committed to working together with individuals, teams and professional networks to improve and support a diverse, open, vibrant and safe academic community (not only LGBTQI+ related). Read more here

  • J&SV Exaltio

    Exaltio is aiming at young people and students from the entire LGBTQI+ spectrum between 18 and 28 years old. Their main mission is to offer a platform to young people and students in the Twente region. A platform where they can make new friends in a safe and pleasant way within the colourful LGBTQ+ spectrum. Read more here

  • Workplace Pride

    An organisation based in the Netherlands pushing for LGBTIQ+ inclusion in the workplace worldwide. Read more here

  • COC Twente-Achterhoek

    COC Twente and the Achterhoek is part of the national LGBTQI+ interest group COC and is committed to make homosexuality and gender identity socially accepted. Their goal is to contribute to the emancipation of LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people in Twente and the Achterhoek. In doing so, they work together with various organisations in the region. Read more here

  • Gay café Stonewall

    Café Stonewall on the Walstraat in Enschede is the only gay café in town. The pub is named after the riots in the Stonewall-Inn in 1969, which became the beginning of the international pride movement. Because the pub is run entirely by volunteers, there is always a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Read more here

  • Autiroze

    AutiRoze: from, for and by LGBTI+ people with autism. Meeting, advocacy and visibility is what they are concerned with. They have a positive and open attitude and take the lead in their emancipation as LGBTI+ people with autism. Their starting point is that autistic people (just like homosexuals, for example) contribute in their own way to society and give it more colour. Hence, their motto is: "Autism is also diversity!” Read more here

  • LKP

    LKP is a platform for about twenty Christian LGBT-organisations. They support and facilitate the Christian LGBT-movement. They do this to give Christian LGBT-people a voice and a face in church and society. Read more here

  • Stichting Maruf

    The Maruf Foundation is the knowledge centre for Islam and sexual diversity and is a safe meeting place for queer Muslims. Queer Muslims have to deal with multiple discrimination. Maruf helps them with self-acceptance and personal empowerment. They offer space to combine sexual and gender diversity with religion. They organise meetings, conferences and theme days and are also the initiator of the Global and European Queer Muslim Network. Read more here

External resources

Resources for Transgender People and allies at the UT

…for everyone

Glossary of Terms A list of terms relating to the transgender community created by the Trans Lifeline

The Trevor Project Resources A range of articles about different LGBTQI+ topics by the Trevor Project, a suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth. For example:

Nonbinary Wiki A database of non-binary history, identities, and practical resources

Rainbow Europe A summary and map of LGBTQI+ rights achieved in European countries

PinkNews An online newspaper based in the UK reporting on events relating to the LGBTQI+ community

Keshet Online Provides resources for Jewish LGBTQI+ people

…for allies and educators

GLSEN Supporting Trans and GNC Students Resources to help students and educators learn about gender diversity, pronoun visibility, trans students' rights, and inclusive curriculum and GSA practices

Gender Spectrum – Educator Resources The Gender Spectrum works to create gender sensitive and inclusive environments for all children and teens and provides resources for educators, professionals, parents and more

Gender Inclusive Biology A website curating resources to grow a more inclusive biology curriculum

Pronouns Practice A page to practice common (neo)pronouns

…for transgender and gender-questioning people

Dutch Name Change A website providing information on how to change your name and gender in the Netherlands

The Gender Dysphoria Bible A guide on what gender dysphoria is, whether you’re experiencing it, and what transitioning means; can also be helpful to allies

Transgender Info Netherland (Dutch) A community-run website facilitated by the advocacy organisation Transgender Netwerk Nederland, offering insights and tips for trans people and for others who would like to know more about the topic

Transvisie (Dutch) An organisation committed to all people with questions about their gender identity and to their family, loved ones and relevant environment, including information about health providers

Organisations for Transgender People and allies at the UT

…in the Netherlands

Transgender Netwerk A foundation that is committed nationally to the emancipation of transgender people and their environment

IHLIA LGBT Heritage An international archive and documentation center on homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender people based in the Netherlands

…in Europe

ILGA Europe An umbrella organisation of about 600 organisations from 54 countries advocating for LGBTQI+ rights

IGLYO The world’s largest LGBTQI+ youth and student network with more than 100 Member Organisations in over 40 countries across the Council of Europe Region

Transgender Europe (TGEU) A member-based organisation fighting against trans discrimination and for gender diversity