UTTELTLearning Analytics within the UT
Manfred Steger

Learning Analytics within the UT State of Analytical Affairs

What is Learning Analytics? Unfortunately, this term is now increasingly used as a commonly used term. Learning Analytics is about collecting data during the student's study trajectory. So, it is much more than just recording a grade at the end of a process. During the entire process, data points are collected and by analysing these, you can create an image of how the student performs and where strengths and weaknesses lie. This gives students a better insight into their own study trajectory and possible interventions in specific development areas.

For this and other important reasons, the UT and TELT started in 2020 a Proof of Concept on Learning Analytics. Together with the UTLC, we investigated the technical and educational possibilities of Learning Analytics for students and teachers. This first test with Learning Analytics was highly successful as we tested the opportunities for data within Canvas, H5P and authoring tools. Attached you'll find the evaluation of this proof of concept.

After the first successful steps in 2020/2021, the next steps were planned. In the Spring of 2022, a small pilot was conducted in the TNW faculty. This Pilot was also successful.

For the rest of 2022, we are planning new Pilots with Learning Analytics in UT’s education.

TELT is also working closely together with SURF, other Universities (Dutch and international) and internal companies.

J.G.P. Groothengel BEd (Peter)
MOOC and E-learning specialist