UTTELTEdutalks #1: Serious Gaming

Edutalks #1: Serious Gaming Educational innovation podcast launches its first episode!

There’s more to games than just entertainment: that’s where serious games step in and can be used to educate. In this very first episode of Edutalks we talk to Frederik Vos and Vincent Delke, who implemented the use of the SuPlay serious game in the Business Administration programmes.

When you want your students to really get into a skill, you’d like them to get actively involved and do it for themselves. With some real-world themes, like for instance procurement in business, this can be hard. You can’t let them just spend real-life money to try this out and roleplaying with fake-money doesn’t always fully simulate the environment.

To provide more of a safe environment to test out in, Frederik Vos and Vincent Delke implemented the use of serious gaming in their education. This way they blend their education with an online tool, in which students take part on-campus. Listen now to this episode of Edutalks to learn more about their use of it.

Edutalks #1: Serious Gaming (Frederik Vos, Vincent Delke)

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