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Recording talking & walking Try the podcast facilities at the UT!

Did you know we have all the equipment available for you to start podcasting?

While a podcast as a media isn’t entirely new, it’s become more and more popular over recent years. If you want to foster a discussion or a different type of instructional method, this may just be the option for you to try out in your education.

Get Podcasting!

Besides materials for recording your online (micro)lecture or other instructional videos, you can also record a podcast at the video studio of the UT, located in the Spiegel building. The equipment facilitates up to 4 speakers in a podcast and can be used either within the video studio itself or on location. There’s also the option of a fully mobile recording, with a ‘campus walks’ kit you can take with you on the go.

The podcasts can be edited for you, or you can take this upon yourself to finetune it to your desire: the audio is already up to standards to be used.

How do they do it?

Want to get started with podcasting, but don’t know how to? TELT has assembled a checklist and guide on how you can structure your own podcast. You can also check out the facilities the UT video studio has available for you to record.