UTTELTGo with the Eduflow!

Go with the Eduflow! (Peer) Feedback and reflection tool

We are happy to inform you that Eduflow is now a permanent part of the University’s teaching toolset.

If you would like to use Eduflow, you can easily integrate it in your Canvas course by following the steps described on the teaching tools website.

new features

In the past months Eduflow has worked on several new features, we would like to highlight a few of them:

Improved feedback possibilities

It is now possible to provide feedback using rich-text additions like images, links and even video’s.

Usability of the summary page

A few features are added to the summary page, which make it easier to select and filter the information. Especially for flows with a lot of different activities, this is a helpful update.

getting started with eduflow

Are you interested in getting to know more about the different flows and how to create one? Please check out our checklist and video on how to use Eduflow.  And of course we are happy to provide a demo or help you with your questions, contact teachingtools-ces@utwente.nl