UTTELTUpdatesLooking for: teachers to evaluate new EduTools platform (CLOSED)

Looking for: teachers to evaluate new EduTools platform (CLOSED)

[UPDATE 06-12: We have found enough participants for the evaluation of the EduTools platform. We will use the TELT website and employee portal to keep you informed of the developments of the project.]

The TELT team is currently contributing to the development of a central platform for educational tools, called EduTools. This project (Proof-of-Concept) is coordinated by SURF and is a collaboration with 5 other Dutch Higher Education Institutions.

Teachers are regularly looking for online tools that match the type of education they offer. In some cases a clear overview of tools that are available (or recommended) within the institution is lacking, so we often see teachers consulting multiple (internal and external) online sources or asking colleagues. The information can be very scattered and there's not always enough attention for the consequences of using a certain tool, for example in relation to privacy, security, or licenses. That's why we’re working on the development of a platform that provides a comprehensive overview of available tools that an institution offers and that can safely be used in education. In addition, the platform will provide ways to share experiences (reviews) about tools you’ve been using with colleagues from inside and outside the institution.

Question to you

To evaluate the prototype version of the EduTools platform, we’re looking for teachers who want to participate in a user test (max. 1 teacher per faculty). Are you a teacher who likes to use online tools for educational purposes and would you like to give your feedback? Do you have 30-60 minutes of available time between 17-24 December? In that case, we would like to invite you to sign up for the user test by sending an email to telt@utwente.nl.

The user test can be done independently, at a time that suits you within the week of 17-24 December. You will be given access to the platform and will be asked to complete an online questionnaire about your experiences and findings. This takes a maximum of 60 minutes. Based on the results of the overall evaluation, SURF will refine the concept and will decide if and how they can develop this into a service for all SURF-members.


If you have any questions or if you would like to know more about this project, please visit the TELT-website or contact TELT via telt@utwente.nl.