important notice per 18-06-2023:

This is an important message regarding the use of EduFlow. 
Recently we received information from Eduflow that they will merge with a company called Multiverse.  

As a result of this merge Eduflow will be terminated per December 31st 2023! 
We are stunned by this decision and the effects it will have for the UT-users. 
As UT we do our utmost to find a decent replacement to support the (peer) feedback process within the next months.  

Next to the process of looking for an alternative solution, we are also thinking about phasing out of Eduflow. Eduflow has created a Q&A page with the most important information on the accessibility of the data that is currently in Eduflow. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Functional Management of Eduflow or your faculty E-learning specialist.  


Do you want students to be engaged in more critical reflection? Do you want students to have a deeper understanding of the learned content? With digital (peer) feedback tools these goals can be achieved without much additional effort. Eduflow is a tool that facilitates (peer) feedback on an educational product, such as a report, presentation, or poster.

Why Eduflow 

Eduflow is an online platform that facilitates different feedback activities. As a teacher you can create your own flow of activities, starting with the submission of a product, followed by options for self-, peer- and teacher feedback. It is also possible to ask students to judge the value of the feedback they have received from their peers. As a teacher, you have an overview of the progress of the students, criteria analysis, and all the feedback that is provided. Students can hand in their products individually or as a group. Review is done on an individual level, this can be done anonymously or not.  


How to add Eduflow to your canvas course

Eduflow is integrated with Canvas and can be enabled in your Canvas course. Follow the next steps to add Eduflow to your Canvas course menu:

  1.  Go to “Settings” in the Canvas course menu on the left
  2. Select the tab “Navigation”
  3. Scroll all the way down to find “Eduflow” in the list
  4. Enable Eduflow by clicking on the three option dots and choose “Enable”
  5. Don't forget to save the settings


Before starting a flow it's important to think about the following steps:

  1. Are your learning objectives clear?
  2. Are the assessment tasks (in Eduflow) in line with the learning objectives and teaching activities?
  3. Who is going to give feedback? (Teacher and students?)
  4. How many submissions do students have to review?
  5. Are the students able to give constructive feedback? (or do you need to add something to the flow?)
  6. Do you have a rubric so students know where to give constructive feedback on?
  7. Do you have guidelines about the amount of feedback you expect students to use for the review?
  8. Is it an individual or group submission and review process?
  9. Do they work in subject themes? (then make a list and use this as #tags in Eduflow)
  10. Are there prerequisites before uploading their product or starting the review process? 
    You can for example ask them to read/watch something before continuing the process.

    Last but not least: if you already have material online, in Canvas, or somewhere else; you might want to copy past this to or (re)create this in the Eduflow environment.

How to use Eduflow

Eduflow has an extensive help site that will guide you in setting up the flows. 

We have created an introduction video with the most used flows:

A basic introduction to Eduflow is available on Youtube:

There is also a free Eduflow Academy course available:

Tips and tricks

Create an assignment in Canvas
By including Eduflow in Canvas assignment you can have the best of both worlds. This allows you to create a calendar entry from within Canvas and enjoy the benefits of Eduflow.

Create feedback groups based on tags
By adding a tag to a user (in Eduflow), you can assign group reviews based on these tags.  

Use a template
Eduflow has a large number of templates available as a start to your flow. We like the Jigsaw template a lot but go and have a look for yourselves. Click here to start browsing the Templates. 

New features

Eduflow is constantly developing. Therefore new features are being launched frequently. 
See for yourself what's new with Eduflow by clicking here


Please contact the CES-IM ICTO team ( if you want to have a demo and/or use Eduflow in your course.