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Wooclap UT license Online voting tool for student engagement

Since the 1st of March we have a UT-wide campus license for Wooclap; an online voting tool.
Wooclap can be used to interact more with your students, to check if they understand what you are explaining, but also to start a discussion.

The pilot is evaluated positively; it is web-based, can be used everywhere and in different ways and the options for the kind of questions you want to use are very broad. In addition, it offers many features like ‘the wall of messages’ where students can post questions, which can be used for e.g. Q&A sessions, but also a ‘competition mode’ where you use it with a kind of gaming element. Another advantage is that it also supports LaTex and AsciiMath.

Wooclap can be used both synchronously and asynchronously (during and before or after the lecture) and will replace the voting tool ‘Sendsteps’ or previously called ‘Shakespeak’. If you still use Sendsteps your account will expire the 1st of July.

If you are interested in a workshop you can enrol yourself here.

On the website of TELT and ICT in Education you can find more information about Wooclap.
But for questions you can also send an email to voting@utwente.nl