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DIH-HERO is an independent platform which connects Digital Innovation Hubs across Europe to create a sustaining network for all those who are active in the healthcare robotics sector. The project consortium consists of 16 core partners spread across 11 pan-European countries. Our primary objective is to accelerate innovation in robotics for healthcare. To connect innovators, providers, businesses, users and politicians, DIH-HERO will establish an open online portal offering multiple services facilitating collaboration on various innovations, emphasizing the sharing of best practice and enhancing the delivery of innovation throughout the value chain.  Following the ambition to build a sustainable platform for all the stakeholders active in the healthcare ecosystem, the different digital innovation hubs within the DIH-HERO network the various partners will offer a variety of services to the actors within the healthcare robotics domains.   

Prof.dr.ir.Stefano Stramigioli

The route for embedding medical innovations in clinical practice is tough, time-consuming and requires substantial investments. It involves clinical testing, developing efficient production methods, reaching investors, establishing a company and handling distribution, just to mention a few steps. Furthermore, multiple actors are working on various innovations in robotics. Within DIH-HERO, we can make sure that these strengthen and supplement each other where possible.

Prof.dr.ir.Stefano Stramigioli