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The TechMed Centre’s facilities include two simulated operating rooms. The hybrid OR is equipped with a Siemens Artis Pheno robotic angiography system, real-time dosimetry and a wide range of equipment to safely handle ionizing radiation in a clinical setting. It is used by our educational programmes to add a realistic clinical component to our existing radiation expertise courses, provide general surgery education and as a training area for medical professionals in our life long learning programmes.

Next to the hybrid OR, a second general OR is available which focuses on novel techniques for minimally invasive surgery, from 3D endoscopy to magnetic localization of tumours and intraoperative diagnostics. It is equipped with a Brainlab Buzz image routing platform that allows for flexible routing of data from a variety of sources, creating a flexible OR setup that can be used for education, research and validation studies. Both rooms are equipped with A/V capture systems, which make them ideally suited for preclinical testing of innovations from both our researchers and the broader ecosystem.

In addition to the static hardware, the TechMed Centre has broad expertise in manufacturing high fidelity phantoms for a variety of use cases, from photoacoustics to ultrasound and MRI, which allow for standardized testing and validation of new technologies. Within the Centre, the entire workflow for handling animal materials is covered to enable even more realistic experiments.

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