Schemes and regulations

Stay informed about the environmental permit

The UT has two environment schemes in place: the University of Twente hazardous waste regulations and the Party and Activity Protocol.

Party and Activity Protocol: The UT campus is a great location for parties and events. However, said parties and events must satisfy some conditions in order to guarantee safety and compliance with environmental provisions. This protocol lists what measures must be taken when a party or event is to be organized on campus.

University of Twente hazardous waste regulations: The enormous diversity of tasks being performed at the UT leads to the production and/or release of many different waste products. By complying with environmental legislation and carrying out sound environmental management, the UT tries to separate these waste products as well as possible. The University of Twente hazardous waste regulations serve as a good aid in this respect. The regulations (Dutch only) describe how you should dispose of the different types of waste products within the UT.