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New supplier waste: Renewi

Over the past year, various CFM employees and colleagues from faculties and service departments have been working on the new tender for waste at UT. The contract has been awarded to Renewi, and they will take over from our current supplier, Prezero. It concerns a contract duration of six years, starting from 1 March 2024, with the option to extend it twice, each for two years. Prior to the tender, interviews were conducted with the designated contacts to take into account their wishes and needs as much as possible.

What were the criteria for evaluation?

A waste-free campus by 2030 is one of the sustainability goals of the UT, with the overarching goal of a circular campus by 2050. Sustainability and partnership were the main criteria for evaluating suppliers. In order to assess the extent to which suppliers are able to understand the unique character of the UT, requests for quotations were made, and dialogues were held regarding the organization of operational and logistical waste collection and fulfilling an advisory and expert role. By ultimately receiving a comprehensive proposal from them, this could be properly assessed.

What happens next?

The implementation is in full swing. In the week of 26 February, the roll containers will be replaced with Renewi roll containers (our own UT roll containers will remain in place). Any changes in collection days, etc., will be communicated with the responsible parties of the buildings. Additionally, introductory meetings will be scheduled with stakeholders throughout the contract, and Renewi will initiate various projects through a roadmap to thoroughly examine our waste, as well as waste separation, to achieve our goals (a waste-free campus).

Supplier contact information

Renewi Website: www.renewi.com/nl


For more information, please contact one of the following colleagues: