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European tender for cleaning; renewed collaboration with Asito

Effective from 1 January 2022, UT will enter into a new contract with Asito for a maximum period of eight years. During the European tendering process, Asito once again demonstrated a willingness to commit unconditionally to UT. Under the concept of 'Shaping Noaberschap 2030', Asito has laid down a clear vision on preserving the good of the old and achieving the best of the new for the university.  

With the focus on lasting involvement and employability of the more than 120 cleaning employees for UT, ongoing attention will be paid to the development, well-being, vitality and happiness at work of the individual employee.

As a partner, Asito also conforms to work towards the strong sustainability ambitions that we have formulated for this period. Such as a 100% carbon-neutral objective directed at reduction, working as plastic-free as possible, using cleaning and maintenance products made of 100% natural raw materials and/or 100% biological micro-organisms, and reducing water consumption as much as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact Campus & Facility Management, Martine Elferink-Drewes 053 – 489 6838 or