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Test a 'Tesla on two wheels' for a week: the Stromer ST2!

Test a Speedpedelec (fast e-bike with up to 45 km/h pedal assistance) on the F35. The best cycle highway of the Netherlands which travels from Nijverdal to Enschede. The speedpedelec is alloyed on the F35 also. Do you want to experience that too? Then take part in the speed-pedelec testweeks by Twente Mobiel.

In collaboration with Munsterhuis Lease we offer employees the opportunity to test a speedpedelec. The promotion is for employees who travel to work by car with a commuting distance of approximately 15 km and beyond. And thereby also being able to use the F35: The route of the F35 follows the highway and the railway between Nijverdal and Enschede.

The participant will receive their own speedpedelec for a week. They will experience how fast and easy it can be and. You will also experience the F35 and biking next to bikes with a big speed difference.

Register now via Arnold Helfrich (Twente Mobiel):

We organise a change day every Tuesday. Be sure not to miss it and send us an email right away!