Student Report

From the university council there are discussions about the indivisabilty of the modules at the UT. They say that students think it is unfair that if they don't success on a course they fail the whole module.

In the name of TeAcHER+ (Twente Academy for Higher Education and Research+) there has been sent a letter to UT-nieuws in which they state that the indivisibility of modules should stay. They say that if there is an occasion (for example illness) that in most cases within the study year a solution is found. They also state that the indivisibility is better for the quality of learning and that the indivisibility is needed for seeing consistencies in the different aspects within a certain theme. TeAchER+ states that at the moment there are enough possibilities to compensate and look at the specific case.

What do you think about the Twente Educational Model and the indivisibility? Do you have any questions? Leave an (anonymous) comment below.