Student Report

Student Report brings difficult UT-cases in an easy way. Every month we make a new video about a current topic at the university of Twente.

What is Student report?

Student Report is the channel that brings difficult UT-cases in an easy way using videos that we publish on our own Facebook page and YouTube channel. Every month we make a new video wherein we take and investigate a current topic at the University of Twente. We discuss for example the Twente Educational Model, the Rector Magnificus, The Educational and Examination Regulations, Activism and the Batavierenrace. Fruthermore, in our documentary series For A Day we follow every now and again the people of the UT.

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Student Report is made by three students of the University of Twente. Getting in touch with us can be done using the e-mail adresses below or via Facebook Messenger.


Student Report is one of the projects that came forth from the plan Optimization Student Communication of the department Marketing & Communication. In this plan, several means are described how the UT-students can be involved more and be better informed about policy making. Marketing & Communication supports Student Report financially and contentually.