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Student Report tries to make the gap between students and organisation of the UT smaller by publishing EVERY MONTH A VIDEO that brings difficult UT-cases in an easy way. This page helps you to find your way at the UT. Visit us on Social Media to stay up to date.


Every month Student Report publishes a new video about a current event or subject, which we will spread on social media. Below you can find some of the topics we discussed and some relevant links. Our Topics come from the Student Union, UT-nieuws, the UT-organisation en directly from the students.

Education UT

During the closure of the academic year we asked the founder of the TEM, Ed Brinksma, and the students about their opinion on the current TEM.

Education is probably the most important thing during your time as a student. Therefore it is important to stay informed about everything that has to do with this topic. The rules and agreements about education and exams you can find in the teaching and examination regulations (OER). You can find the OER on the website of your study.

In the Twente Educational Model (TEM) education is given by means of modules, in which all subjects are combined in a project. This model was introduced to the whole university three years ago. 


As a student you study. The study is part of a faculty, a group of studies. The faculty is managed by the executive board (CvB). There are three members in this board: a chairman, a vice-chairman and a Rector Magnificus. The executive board is checked by the University Council (UR). They are making proposals and give input to them. The Supervisory Board makes sure that the CvB obeys the law. You can read more about the organisation on the UT-page.

Above you can see the Student Report animations about the organisation of the UT.


Existing facilities

The Facility Service Centre (fb) deals with the buildings, logistics, cleaning and servicedesk at the UT. So for example, if you see a broken socket, or if you want to have acces to a building, then you need to contact the Facility Service Centre.

New facilities

The Executive Board makes decisions about new facilities. In the field of finances they are supported by Financial and Economic Affairs (FEZ). We spoke to Joyce Berger, who is responsible for the Hogekamp. For questions you can contact the FEZ.

In June, Student Report made an item about the Hogekamp. Check the video below to find out more.


You can watch all the reports from Student Report below or you can check them at our YouTube channel.


Student Report is made by two students from the University of Twente.