Admission and pre-master

The admission requirements for the MSc Robotics programme depend on your BSc background: 

BSc graduates from a Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering programme at a Dutch university or BSc graduates from a comparable programme can enter the MSc Robotics programme without any requirements.

Graduates from other BSc Engineering programmes might be able to compensate a lack in background knowledge through a (individual) pre-master programme. Do the online eligilibity check to see whether you are admissible to the MSc Robotics programme.

Students of BSc Engineering programmes of the University of Twente can, in most cases, use their minor space to attend pre-knowledge courses and can in this way enter the MSc Robotics programme directly after graduation (see admission requirements UT students).

BSc graduates from a Dutch University of Applied Sciences (HBO) will need to complete a pre-master programme of 30EC before they are admissible to the MSc Robotics programme (see pre-master UAS).