After the crisis: reflections on managing risk & resilience

The last day of the online event is an opportunity to reflect on the first two days: both the international perspective and the sector’s perspective on how to manage risk and resilience.

Students on the Master Risk Management course have brought together the conclusions and actions from both the preceding days to create a joint agenda for research and practice that will be presented to the participants and to today’s keynote speaker: Prof. Marjolein van Asselt, a member of the Dutch Safety Board. In her keynote speech, Prof. Van Asselt will discuss the agenda and the contributions which the Board has made and can make to the central theme of the event.

Marjolein van Asselt

In discussion with a panel made up of representatives of the Dutch Risk Management Association, PRIMO Netherlands and the University of Twente, participants will then explore certain obstacles and challenges in order to transform the agenda for research and practice into concrete actions.

GvRM Study Award

The Dutch Risk Management Association will also present the annual Study Award on the last day of the event. This prize clearly demonstrates the importance of the connection between science and the practical field to the discipline of Risk Management, which has only existed for 25 years so far, and to the even more recent perspective of Resilience.

Jury GvRM Study Award

  • Gea Kolk - Consultant RAMS- en Risk Management Movares - Chairman
  • Harrie Jansen - De Wilg Advies, co-founder GvRM
  • Koos Vegting - Risk manager professional investments, Kas Bank
  • Ronald van Tol - Organisational advice and interim management Levende Cijfers

The three nominees will give a short pitch to share their research with you, after which the jury will select the final winner and reveal that name at the end of the webinar.

Nominated GvRM Study Award
Karlijn Wiggers
University of Twente, Creative Technology

Title: The Physicalisation of Risk Models

Although risk models play an important role for society, they are sometimes difficult for lay people to understand. Visual elements can serve as a universal language to clarify such complex concepts. The marble track designed during the study called 'The Physicalisation of Risk Models' helps to explain error trees in a visual and attractive way.

Nominated GvRM Study Award
Peter Zeilstra
Amsterdam Business School, MSc Enterprise Risk Management & MSc Insurance Science

Title: Flammable buildings: an investigation into the flammability of buildings, the risks posed by flammable buildings and how these risks can be adequately controlled

In the Netherlands, the number of major fires is still increasing. In addition to casualties, these fires are also causing more and more material damage. The flammability of the buildings themselves plays an important role in both the occurrence and the spread of fire. What makes a building flammable? How many flammable buildings are there in the Netherlands and what is the relationship with risk management? That is the subject of the study. 

Nominated GvRM Study Award
Dexter Rommens
The Hague Graduate School, Risk Management

Title: The road to commitment driven project risk management

The thesis researched the measurement of risk maturity of an international project organisation. On the one hand by determining which model is suitable for this and on the other hand by analysing which interventions can be carried out in order to grow to the desired risk maturity level.

Dutch Food Banks

The ‘proceeds’ destined for Dutch Food Banks will be announced at the end of the online event, before Risk & Resilience Online 2020 is rounded off by a surprise closing act.