Intellectual Output 5

Designing of templates and content for the format of learning mater

Below the outcomes of the PERSIST project are presented. The outcome is an online course that can be assessed directly via the PERSIST environment in Moodle or downloaded as a package for many learning management systems. Within the whitepaper of the fifth intellectual output (IO5), instructions on accessing and downloading the course elements are provided. The package is intended for educators and learners in the purchasing and supply management field curious about how Industry 4.0 is shaping the field.

The IO5 document provides an overview of accessing and downloading the PERSIST course materials. Within the document, a step-by-step approach is provided.

Instructions to access and implement the PERSIST course

The course is accessible within the PERSIST Moodle environment via the following link. Here, learners can explore the implications of Industry 4.0 in purchasing and supply management.

Moodle course access

For everybody who wants to use the outcomes of the PERSIST project within their learning management system (LMS), the project provides an export file of the course via the following zip file.

The PERSIST project also shares all developed educational content separately according to the designed five modules. These elements can be downloaded and implemented by educators separately. 

Separate course elements according to modules