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Project Results (IO)

Five Intellectual outputs conclude the PERSIST project results

The PERSIST project results are divided into five intellectual outputs (IO). Each intellectual output is published as an white paper on our website. Details on each intellectual output are presented within the links below:

Upon completion of PERSIST the following will be available:

  1. Providing a framework for PSM Skills in I4.0 for academics and practitioners (knowledge, skills  and traits)
  2. Description of a multi-perspective approach to the collection of future competence requirements  for PSM managers in the context of I4.0 (best practice world café, expert interviews and Delphi  study)
  3. Describing a procedure for using gamification elements and playful interaction concepts in  teaching courses (accessible tool-set using modern didactical tools such as online digital learning  elements, gamification, MOOC)
  4. Developing a module-based course with digital and gamification elements for I4.0 PSM Skills
  5. Developing and providing open-source learning material to prepare students and professionals for  the changes in PSM in the era of I4.0, e.g. gamified MOOC