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Director Marketing & Communicatie


Job description

Your challenge as M&C Director

As the inspiring figurehead of the M&C Department, you will play a leading role in translating university’s new strategy, ‘Shaping 2030’, into a broadly supported, forward-looking marketing & communication strategy, along with annual and multiannual plans and budgets. Among the immediate challenges you will tackle is our positioning in the coming decade. This includes our position as an employer that prioritizes talent development and personal growth. It affects our position as a sustainable organization and campus. And it touches on our position as a university that – within the context of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) – leads the way in challenge-based research and education and in citizen science. Across this range of challenges, M&C’s focus will be on two areas: 1) recruitment for our Master’s programmes among various national and international target groups; and 2) enabling our network of staff, students, alumni and other relationships to keep growing and flourishing.

Support & advice

As director of M&C, you will also provide the best possible support for our faculties, institutes and other parts of the UT. Think, for example, of activities related to reputation and branding, student recruitment, market research, scientific and internal communications. You will be an advisor and sparring partner for our Executive Board (also in crisis situations), and for faculty boards and institute management. Naturally, you will also work closely with other heads of department.

Read more about this vacancy in the brochure Director Marketing & Communication.

Your profile


An empathic figurehead & connective leader

You are a UT figurehead and will make connections within the university and between the university and the outside world. You will stimulate and connect people and ideas. Your empathic personality enables you to successfully maintain relationships between faculties, institutes and departments, with regional partners (NovelT, educational institutions, municipalities and province) and within national networks (for example, DCM). From your unique position, you can quickly point out relevant developments and opportunities in the world around us, inside our organization and within your area of expertise.

Development-driven & participative

You have a positive, coaching leadership style. Your drive to develop and position M&C employees means you give them time and attention and focus on inspiration and trust. You create room for initiative and development, and you motivate, stimulate and guide your staff. You are a participative leader who involves colleagues in decision-making. You adjust and intervene where necessary to achieve the intended results, while supporting and maintaining team spirit.

Robust & politically sensitive

You are both firm and politically sensitive: you understand and feel at home in the hustle and bustle of a complex organization. You oversee the impact and implications of decisions and activities. You are flexible, and naturally inclined to exploring possibilities. You understand, respect and connect different perspectives resulting from different roles and responsibilities. In your efforts to contribute to the realization of the UT’s Shaping 2030 strategy, you know how to choose direction, prioritize and convince.


  • You have an academic background and extensive experience in leading large, diverse, multidisciplinary teams. Preferably, your experience is in the field of marketing and communication and you have an affinity for higher education. However, we also welcome experience and new insights from other relevant fields and sectors.
  • You have experience in a complex administrative organization with multiple products and components.
  • You have a strong vision for reputation management, stakeholder management and community building.
  • You have excellent oral and written command of Dutch and English (at least C1 level, preferably C2).
  • You identify with the core values and ‘way of working’ of our university.


For more information on this position, please contact drs. Ratna Toering, Head of Communications and Deputy Director (+31 053-489 2212,

Please submit your application, with an updated CV and motivationletter, using the link provided. Please submit your application before February 27th, 2020 (choose “apply now” below).

Our offer

This full-time position comes with a salary at Scale 15 of the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities. Including 8% holiday pay and 8,3% year-end bonus, the maximum annual income for the position is € 100,000. The University has an ABP pension plan and a large amount of vacation days. We offer a one-year contract at the start, with the intention of subsequently converting this into an open-ended contract.

References for final candidates may be checked and a security investigation will be carried out. An assessment may be part of the process.

The organization

The University of Twente (UT) has entered the new decade with an ambitious, new vision, mission and strategy. As ‘the ultimate people-first university of technology’ we are rapidly expanding on our High Tech, Human Touch philosophy and the unique role it affords us in society. Everything we do is aimed at maximum impact on people and society through the sustainable utilization of science and technology.  Building on our rich legacy in merging technical and social sciences, we focus on five distinguishing research domains:

  • Improving healthcare by personalized technologies
  • Creating intelligent manufacturing systems
  • Shaping our world with smart materials
  • Engineering our digital society
  • Engineering for a resilient world

‘The University of Twente is the ultimate people-first university of technology. We empower society through sustainable solutions.’ Mission University of Twente


The job of our Marketing & Communication (M&C) Department is to help the University of Twente carry out its vision for the coming decade: ‘Shaping 2030’. M&C does this by optimally applying its marketing and communication resources to connect us with our internal and external target groups. The department’s strategy focuses specifically on linking us to the right talent – in terms of quality, diversity and quantity. This involves strengthening our reputation, branding, profile and visibility, and by drawing the attention of prospective students, existing students, new and current staff, alumni, corporate connections and investors. This attraction of talent enables us to fulfil our role in society more effectively and to create a broader, stronger network of ambassadors for the University of Twente – a process that is self-reinforcing.

Continuous professional development

The M&C Department has 78 employees and is led by a director and a four-member Management Team. They lead the Marketing, Communication, Medialab and Alumni & Development office teams, alongside several management officers and a secretarial team. As director, you will lead a team of 8 colleagues: 4 managers, 2 staff officers, and 2 secretaries. Together with the Management Team, you will sharpen the department’s organization, strategic personnel planning and financial management, where necessary. Within a manageable span of control, you will safeguard and direct the department’s continuous professional development, specifically with regard to its international, digital, data-driven and sustainable approach.

We highly value quality and our open, inclusive culture. We believe in short lines of communication, active knowledge sharing and room for development and new initiatives. Our M&C staff use flexible workspaces, spread across our beautiful campus: they do their jobs in the immediate proximity of our students, teachers, researchers and administrators.

Director Marketing & Communicatie
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