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Head of Scholarship Office & International Relations

Job description

  • As SOIR's head of department, you are able to operate at a strategic and tactical level and adapt to the operational processes within the various SOIR teams: Scholarship Office, International Relations & Partnerships (IRP), International Student Support. The dynamics of this function mean that you need to be able to switch quickly and act in a (well-considered) solution-oriented way without losing sight of the student interest versus the organisational interest. In order to do this successfully, you will have an overview of (international, national and UT) laws and regulations in the field of Scholarships and Exchange and you can communicate them to the team members in such a way that they can incorporate this in processes and systems.
  • SOIR team IRP focuses on UT wide inter-institutional exchange agreements, new mobility opportunities and (new) scholarship programmes for (non) degree seekers (Ba/Ma/PhD) and staff. As head of department, you test in advance whether new (strategic) relationships and partnerships meet the goals and strategy of the UT.
  • As a direct manager you lead the SOIR team (10 employees). You have work, year and development interviews with SOIR employees, and you create conditions in which the SOIR employees can perform their work well. You are responsible for strategic personnel management leading to a team of employees with knowledge, skills and attitudes that suit the work to be performed. You are responsible for the recruitment of new SOIR employees.
  • Based on the UT policy, Shaping 2030, the established policy of the CES department and your own vision, you will set the policy of SOIR, recorded in an annual plan. You are responsible for an annual evaluation of the SOIR work programme and maintain up to date management information about the programme that will be incorporated into the annual plan.
  • You are responsible for the financial budget and operation of SOIR.
  • You are a member of the CES Management team and actively contribute to the vision, strategy, budget and annual plan of the service.
  • You will establish and retain connections and alliances to benefit the student support cycle with other service departments, faculties and nationwide and international peers.
  • You will initiate/cooperate with other units inside and outside CES in the definition and implementation of new processes and systems.

Your profile

  • Helicopter analytical view on processes and procedures concerning the SOIR activities and the whole student chain.
  • Affinity for support systems and defining new or optimising existing processes, and an eye for connectivity of the different steps in the student chain.
  • Notable bridge builder who can generate support for ideas.
  • Organisation sensitivity and an intrinsic motivation for organising and recognising talent, with a focus on coaching leadership and motivational cooperation within units, while also being result-driven.
  • Experience in complex international educational settings.
  • Experience with intercultural communication as well as within-organisation communication.
  • Academic thinking and working level, with at least a completed education at Bachelor level. Excellent command of English and Dutch (speaking, writing, reading & listening). Our minimum requirement is C1.


  • Connective and persuasive leadership
  • Student- and client-driven
  • Analytic and result-driven
  • Collaboration skills
  • Organisational sensitivity

Our offer

We offer a challenging job in a dynamic working environment for 32-38 hours per week, beginning with a 1-year contract with the prospect of extension. Your gross salary range starts from € 3.746,- to a maximum of  € 5.127,- (pay grade 11) depending on your previous relevant working experience and based on a fulltime workweek of 38 hours.

Information and application

For more detailed information, contact Mrs. S.D.E. Oolhorst, head of Student Affairs and Services, phone +31(0)53) 4892121, e-mail s.d.e.oolhorst@utwente.nl 

Please submit your application before October 24, 2020 (see link below) including a motivation letter and a current CV. 

Screening can be part of the selection procedure.

About the department

In the Centre for Educational Support (CES) department, we combine activities to improve and develop education at the University of Twente (UT), in order to make UT-education more flexible and more efficient.

Within this service, the Scholarship Office & International Relations and Partnerships department (SOIR) provides a strategic, tactical and operational role in the process of mobility of students. SOIR provides scholarship and exchange services to staff and students, as well as non-curricular social support, and initiate, maintains, monitors and expands exchange agreements and relationships with partner institutions and in consortia worldwide. Similar operations are led for scholarship programmes provided by IGO’s, NGO’s, Governmental agencies and governments, private sector, and the UT.

About the organization

Centre for Educational Support

The Centre for Educational Support (CES) of University of Twente supports and guides students and educational staff with a wide range of services. These include student administration, support and advice while studying, and career guidance for after graduation. We also offer language support, functional management, information about scholarships, timetable scheduling and various training programmes. As a learning community and a part of a people-first university of technology, we make sure our service offer reflects a strong commitment to diversity, inclusiveness, personal growth and talent development – as well as to the individual needs of UT students and staff members in an international context.

As an employer, the Centre for Educational Support offers jobs that matter. We equip you as a staff member to shape new opportunities both for yourself and for our society. With us, you will be part of a leading tech university that is impacting our world for the better. We offer an open and entrepreneurial climate, in which we encourage you to make healthy choices, for example, with our flexible, customizable conditions.

University of Twente (UT)

University of Twente (UT) has entered the new decade with an ambitious, new vision, mission and strategy. As ‘the ultimate people-first university of technology' we are rapidly expanding on our High Tech Human Touch philosophy and the unique role it affords us in society. Everything we do is aimed at maximum impact on people, society and connections through the sustainable utilisation of science and technology. We want to contribute to the development of a fair, digital and sustainable society through our open, inclusive and entrepreneurial attitude. This attitude permeates everything we do and is present in every one of UT's departments and faculties. Building on our rich legacy in merging technical and social sciences, we focus on five distinguishing research domains: Improving healthcare by personalised technologies; Creating intelligent manufacturing systems; Shaping our world with smart materials; Engineering our digital society; and Engineering for a resilient world.

As an employer, University of Twente offers jobs that matter. We equip you as a staff member to shape new opportunities both for yourself and for our society. With us, you will be part of a leading tech university that is changing our world for the better. We offer an open, inclusive and entrepreneurial climate, in which we encourage you to make healthy choices, for example, with our flexible, customisable conditions.

Head of Scholarship Office & International Relations
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