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General Information

For every student at the University of Twente, a notebook is nowadays almost indispensable. You will need your notebook for communication with others, collecting information, making calculations and drawings, performing simulations and even taking exams. 

For students of the University of Twente it’s been a concept for years. Students of almost all UT courses use their own notebook for their education and rely on the services of the Notebook Service Centre. With the exception of some courses, UT students therefore are expected to have a notebook suitable for our learning environments. One part of our services is the annual Notebook Project. In our project we select notebooks (Mobile workstation / Ultrabook / MacBook) of which we can guarantee that they are conform the requirements of the UT. Additional benefits: competitive price and excellent service by the Notebook Service Centre. 

Are you planning to buy a notebook in July / August? 
The Notebook Service Centre of the UT selects notebooks every year that are guaranteed to fulfil all the requirements of your studies!

What we're looking at

Are you planning to purchase a notebook as a student? The Notebook Service Center, in collaboration with the UT, selects notebooks every year that are guaranteed to meet all the requirements of your education!


Of course this must be as low as possible. Every year we ask all A-brand manufacturers to make us an offer. This keeps the competition sharp and the prices low.

The offer is specially for UT students.
Please note: direct resale is not permitted.


The notebook must be resistant to shocks. We will extensively test the notebooks for this. The construction must be solid: the notebook must pass pressure tests for example.


The notebook must perform well with all the software (combinations) needed for your studies. We will perform many tests for this, where we primarily look at calculation capacity and graphics performance but of course also at the total performance.


The notebook must be suitable for the 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless networks and if available for the fixed 100 MB/1GB network.

The professional 802.11a and 802.11n is very important because this is the standard used in the classrooms of all the above-mentioned study programmes. Elsewhere at the UT, the consumer standard 802.11g is used.

Of course the notebook must contain enough memory, etc.


A notebook must be able to run many software packages. Those packages shouldn't conflict with each other or with the hardware. Many of those software installations need their own specific licenses. The NSC puts a great deal of energy into making “images” and installation software for the selected notebooks. Such an image or software package can be installed on the notebook in a short time, without personal data needing to be removed. This is also a very important reason for acquiring a notebook selected by the UT.

The neccessary software can be downloaded by all students through the Notebook Service Centre website (software manager). The software packages which can be downloaded are made available specifically per education. Per package we provided information for which Operating System which package is suitable.

Every student, also those who didn’t take part in our Notebook Project, can download the software through the NSC website. The software manager can be fount at .

Microsoft Office is not available through the software manager. Microsoft Office 365 can be found through (login using your UT email address). See for more information the FAQ Microsoft Office 365 for students.


All our notebooks have manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years. Covered under warranty are defects which are not caused by external circumstances. There is also an opportunity to take out an insurance which covers drop and liquid damage.

You also have the right to make use of our one hour service (see one hour service). Is your problem not covered under warranty or insurance then the costs of repair have to be paid by yourself. We can always examine and see in what way we can assist in solving the problem.

In case you choose to discontinue your study at the University of Twente, you don’t lose the warranty and possible insurance because they will be handled by the manufacturer. The one hour service of the NSC however will be terminated.


During the warranty period we would like you to make use of your notebook without worries. If within that period problems should arise, it should not have any effect on your study. Therefore we deliver a unique service: our one hour service* (except for Macbooks)

When you come to our desk during opening hours we will make sure you can have a working system within one hour. We don’t differentiate between software and hardware problems. We will try to solve software problems directly at our desk.

When we determine it concerns a hardware problem which is covered under warranty or insurance, it won’t cost you anything (keep into account that in case of insurance an own risk fee might be required). We will take care of handling and we provide a service notebook in which we mount your own hard drive so you can keep working with your own personal data.

To guarantee our one hour service we have to rely on proper support from our supplier, the notebook should still be covered under warranty and should have insurance.

The NSC resides in the Citadel Building, in the vicinity of the classrooms. Our opening hours are Monday till Friday from 08.30 – 17.00.

*We can only guarantee our one hour service when you come to our desk before 16.00 hour because we close at 17.00. Of course we still offer our service for all problems after 16.00 hours.

Our service

We would like you to be able to use your notebook for the first three years without problems. If you have problems within that period, then your studies may not be affected. The Notebook Service Centre (NSC) is in the Citadel building, in the immediate vicinity of the classrooms. The NSC is open every day from 08.30 to 17.00 hours and students reporting there with a notebook that isn't working properly can obtain a working model within one hour (except for Macbooks).

One hour service by the NSC

When you encounter problems we supply an identical spare notebook withing the hour (except for Macbooks).

Business notebooks

Business and strong notebooks for consumer prices.

Study related software

Study related software is guaranteed to run smoothly on our notebooks.

3 years warranty

Notebooks from our notebook project come with 3 years warranty.