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How to order?

If you are interested in buying a notebook via UT, there are a few things you have to keep in mind

The NEW Notebook Project 2024-2025 will be online soon!

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The delivery of the notebooks is done via our notebook supplier Studywise. Keep in mind that delivery will take several weeks. So order in time! 

How does it work?

From exploring to ordering and delivery. Have a look a the steps you need to take:

  • Ordering a notebook, how does it work?
    • Explore the offer

      Every year around May, our notebook supplier announces which notebooks you can choose from. As soon as the selection is known, you will find it on the page below.

      To the latest offer

    • Order a notebook

      Payment options
      You can pay for your new notebook and possible options and accessories via an iDeal payment or a credit card.

      Interest-free loan
      You can also pay by taking out an interest-free loan. To be eligible for a loan, you need to meet a number of conditions en fill out some documents.

      If you wish to pay by loan, you should choose the option: bank transfer during the ordering process. The order confirmation that you receive automatically after placing the order can be used to apply for an interest-free loan.

      Order in time
      When the offer of notebooks is known, we recommend you to order as soon as possible as our notebook supplier needs a few weeks to deliver. The sooner you order, the sooner you can expect to receive your notebook.

      By buying a notebook from the notebook project, you agree to: not to resell the notebook you have purchased from the notebook project.

    • Wait for delivery

      You have ordered and paid for your notebook and now the waiting begins. Studywise, the notebook supplier, does its best to deliver the notebook as soon as possible. Keep in mind that delivery will take several weeks.

      Do you have any questions about the delivery time of your notebook? Then get in touch with Studywise:

      Phone: +31 (0)88 8282040
      E-mail: info@studywise.nl  

    • Delivery of notebook

      Your notebook will be delivered (Mon-Fri) to the address you have provided during the ordering process. Studywise, the supplier of the notebook, will keep you informed of the delivery date by e-mail via a Track & Trace code.

      A surcharge applies to delivery in the Benelux countries and Germany. Transportation will cost € 2.50 incl VAT. For Spain, this will be €35.00 incl VAT.

      Download software
      Once you received your notebook, you can install the software you need using this link.

Why order a notebook via UT?

Ordering a notebook via UT gives you many benefits like the excellent support of the Notebook Service Centre. For example, when your notebook encounters problems, you can obtain a working model within one hour.  

  • Low price and high quality

    To keep competition sharp and prices low, every year we ask all A-brand manufacturers to present their offers. This offer is exclusively for UT students (direct resale is not permitted).

    The quality of a notebook is very important. Robustness and durability are important characterises we value. Notebooks are often tested according to military requirements.

  • Performance and software

    The notebooks offered are tested by the NSC with a focus on calculation capacity, graphics performance, memory and storage, as well as the total performance. The offered notebooks are equiped with the latest wireless technology that will suit the campus network requirements. 

    The offered notebooks are equiped with the latest wireless technology that will suit the campus network requirements. Of course the notebook must contain enough memory, storage etc.


    You can rely on the notebook to perform well with all the software (combinations) you need for your studies. It is able to run many software packages at the same time. Many of those software installations need their own specific licenses. The NSC puts a lot of effort into making “images” and installation software for the selected notebooks. Such an image or software package can be installed on the notebook in a short time, without personal data needing to be removed. This is also a very important reason for acquiring a notebook selected by UT.

    Download software

    As a UT student, you can download software (packages) via the Software Manager of the Notebook Service Centre. Even if you have not purchased a laptop through UT, you can download software there

    Note: Microsoft Office 365 is not available through the Software Manager, you can download Microsoft Office 365 through the Office Portal using your UT email address. Questions? Visit the page with FAQ on Microsoft Office 365.

    The software packages are made available specifically per education. Is dat wel zo? Ik zie geen studies aangegeven op de website. Per package we provided information for which Operating System which package is suitable.

  • One-hour service and clean installation

    The NSC is open on workday's from Monday till Friday, between 08.30 - 17.00 hours. Students who encounter problems with their notebooks are welcome to NSC and we will take a look at the problem (Bring Your Own Device) and hopefully come up with a suitable solution.

    If your notebook has a hardware related issue and it is not bought through our notebook project, we can still give you a good recommendation on which steps to take to get the problem solved. However if your notebook is bought through our notebook project and is still under warranty that is encountering a hardware-related problem, than you are intileld to make use of our one-hour service.


    For small questions, you can also reach out to us via WhatsApp: +31 6 180 288 04

    One-hour services 

    Students who bought a notebook through our notebook project and encounter (hardware) problems can obtain a spare notebook within one hour. 

    This one-hour service only applies to notebooks that are still under warranty. We cannot take all cases because there are exceptions. If your notebook, that you bought through our project, has fall or liquid damage and you also bought the insurance during the order process, we can take in your notebook and supply you with an identical spare notebook. In this case, we will make sure your notebook will be properly repaired. 

    If you did not buy this insurance, we cannot take in your notebook because of the costs that are involved in the repair of your notebook. In that case you need to file a repair request at the manufacturer and then you are responsible for taking care of the repair yourself. Unfortunately, in such situations, we cannot provide you with an identical spare notebook. 

    Clean installation

    You can also get a new, clean installation by the NSC if you bought a notebook through the UT notebook project. Such an installation will take about five minutes. If you want to use this service, make sure you have made a backup because the disk will be erased entirely.

  • Three-year warranty

    You benefit from a three-year manufacturer's warranty. It covers defects that are not caused by external circumstances. During the ordering process, you can choose to take out insurance from the manufacturer to cover damage caused by falls and liquids.

    If your problem is not covered by the three-year warranty or your insurance, you will have to pay the repair costs yourself. The NSC is always willing to investigate your issue and help to solve it.

    Should you choose to stop studying at the University of Twente, you will not lose your warranty and possible insurance as these will be handled by the manufacturer. However, the one-hour service of the NSC will be discontinued.

Ready to order your notebook?
Sorry you will have to wait for the NEW Notebook Project 2024-2025.

NOTE: by buying a notebook from the notebook project, you agree to: not to resell the notebook you have purchased from the notebook project.

Do I need a notebook for my studies?

For every student at the University of Twente, a notebook is nowadays almost indispensable. You will need your notebook for communication with others, collecting information, making calculations and drawings, performing simulations and even taking exams. Students of all UT programmes use their own notebooks for their education and rely on the services of the Notebook Service Centre. UT students, therefore, are expected to have a notebook suitable for our learning environments.