QUANTUM RESEARCH at the University of Twente

With the largest academic cleanroom in the Netherlands, Twente is a breeding ground for technological innovations and novel ideas in the field of quantum chips and quantum simulators. Industrial, governmental, academic partners come to Twente for technological implementation of materials and nanodevices for electronic and optical quantum chips. QUANT aspires to stimulate the exchange of academic and industrial research, for instance, by actively stimulating the foundation of spinoffs such as QuiX, one of the few Dutch Quantumtechnology companies.

Cleanroom in the NanoLab of MESA+, the research institute for nanotechnology of the University of Twente

Several groups at the University of Twente perform quantum science. We host many quantum researchers, mostly PhD/MSc/BSc students and post-docs, but also occasional secondary school pupils, interns, honours’ students.

Quantum Electronics

  • Quantum Transport in Matter

    Quantum Transport in Matter, led by Alexander Brinkman: a.o. superconductivity in topological materials

  • Silicon Quantum electronics

    Silicon Quantum electronics, led by Floris Zwanenburg: a.o. Quantum dots and superconductivity in Ge/Si nanowires and nanoscale Si transistors

  • Physics of Interfaces and Nanomaterials

    Physics of Interfaces and Nanomaterials, led by Harold Zandvliet: a.o. two-dimensional Dirac materials, quantum wires, twisted materials, and topological field-effect devices.


Adaptive Quantum optics, led by Pepijn Pinkse: a.o. single photons and quantum emitters. Other PI's are Willem Vos and Klaus Bolle