TOP publications

Facilitating implementation of organs-on-chips by open platform technology

In this Perspective article, the concept of an open platform for organs-on-chips is defined from a technical perspective. Moreover, we discuss the importance of involving different stakeholders in the development, manufacturing, and application of such an open platform. Published in Biomicrofluidics.

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Modular operation of microfluidic chips for highly parallelized cell culture and liquid dosing via a fluidic circuit board

We use a modular platform to automatically control parallelized cell culturing chips. Moreover, we also use the same platform for liquid dosing into the chips. Published in Microsystems & Nanoengineering.

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Fluidic Circuit Board with Modular Sensor and Valves

In this research paper, we use a Fluidic Circuit Board to connect commercial reservoirs, flow sensors and valves to an in-house developed Heart-on-Chip. The integrated system is then used for long-term dynamic cell culture. Published in Lab on a Chip.

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The concept of TOP as an organ-on-chip open technology platform has been described in a number of our publications. In addition, we have published multiple studies in which TOP is used to implement a fit-for-purpose organ-on-chip model.