Translational Organ-on-Chip Platform

We facilitate development of fit-for-purpose organ-on-chip systems by enabling seamless integration of components.

Lack of standardization, automation and inter-chip compatibility is limiting end-users in adopting organ-on-chip solutions. Much like all computer equipment interfaces through a Universal Serial Bus (USB), biologists should be able to use chips from different developers to obtain an organ-on-chip system that specifically answers their questions of interest. Together with many academic and industrial partners, we are developing a platform to provide infrastructure for automated microfluidic chip control, open for academic and commercial chip developers: the Translational Organ-on-Chip Platform (TOP). 

Whether you are a developer or a biologist, let TOP make your life easier and provide you with the infrastructure to make your organs-on-chips plug-and-play.

For a more in-depth explanation of the engineering philosophy and technical implementation, please see the following educational video.